Should I Bother with Trying to Recover Lost Data Files?

It happens to most computer users are some point, and Apple computers certainly aren’t immune to their fair share of issues either. One day you try to turn on your Macbook, but it won’t start up. Or, you manage to get it started up, but you discover that several file folders are missing off the drive. Suddenly, there are feelings of helplessness, disbelief, and then anger that not only have you lost your work for the past year, but you’ve also lost special photographs and videos of memorable occasions.

What happens next comes the bargaining. If only, you think. Did I back up my computer? Do I have files on external drives, or flash drives? On older CDs or DVDs? Would a colleague or friend have any of the files? Most likely your mind is racing at a mile a minute at trying to recover your lost files, and you haven’t even physically done anything yet.

Most people understand that if they take their broken Mac computer to a data recovery service that they’re going to get a bill for hundreds of dollars. While this may be feasible if you run a business, it often isn’t accessible to the average person who is trying to make a living.

So, what comes next? Many people simply toss in the towel and have the understanding that there is nothing to do about it. They may have the belief that they don’t really care that they’ve lost files on the computer. It’s only a bunch of dumb photos and schoolwork anyway. Perhaps it was that great bestseller you were writing, but it would never have been published anyway. Perhaps it was photos of your childhood dog, but you think you can rescan photos and ask family for copies. You may already be rebuilding data in your mind. “I can go back to Hawaii and take new photos,” you may be thinking to yourself.

Often there is a calm acceptance of what happened, and then you’re ready to toss your crashed Mac into the trash bin. You may be thinking that it’s just a computer, and you can buy a new one.

But wait. You really need to consider the value of your old computer files. These files may have consisted of .jpg, .dox, .png and more. How can you recover these files when your computer is dead?
Your best solution is to purchase your new computer, install a Mac data recovery program such as uFlysoft on it, and then connect it to your old computer with a firewire cable. The sooner you do this the better, to increase your chances that you’ll be able to recover almost all the files on your drive.

Don’t just brush off a data loss. In the moment you may think you are strong and it doesn’t matter, that you’ve lost all your filees, but down the road you may mourn the loss of photographs, videos, documents, and other types of computer files.

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