Which Mac Devices Can I Recover Files From?

harddrivefailureusb_prime-100028963-largeLosing files off your Macbook or device can be a stressful experience. Not only do we make spend time on projects, but often we’re emotionally attached to our photographs, videos, and audio files too. Wondershare makes it easy to recover your lost or missing files. Besides recovering files from most types of Macintosh computers, including the Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air, you’ll also be able to recover files from PC computers and other types of devices too.

You’ll also be able to recover photographs from an SD card that fits into a camera. Sometimes you may think you have uploaded your photos, and then place your card into another camera, which can cause your files to be written over. Occasionally, SD cards may also fail, just like hard drives or other storage devices.

The types of memory cards supported include: SD, SDHC, microSD, miniSD, CF, SmartMedia, MMC, XD, and more. Digital cameras and camcorders supported are Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Sony, and JVC.

uMacsoft can also recover files from memory sticks that can be plugged into the USB port of your Macbook. Memory sticks also have other names, but are essentially the same thing: flash drives, sticks, pen drives, jump drives, thumb drives, etc. Sometimes they can fail before you’ve even had a chance to copy your documents over.

uMacsoft not only works on Macintosh computers, but on PC computers too. Many people who own Mac computers may also have a PC for work, or a laptop that they get to bring home. These types of computers may also have files mysteriously vanish.

uMacsoft also supports a variety of brands, understanding that you are  likely use more than your Macbook at home or work. Besides Mac, you can recover files from your Dell, IBM, HP, Toshiba, or Sony hard drives.

Many people also work with external hard drives, particularly if it’s a large project. Data can also be recovered from these types of drives. External USB drives may also be used for backup recovery solutions, but they’re not infallible either. It’s always that one essential file that is required for a special meeting, and you can’t find it on your Mac or your external drive, but you know it was there last week. Wondershare can also help with these types of frustrating situations. These external drives include brands from Seagate, WD, Apple, Samsung, and Toshiba.

One of the most common reasons for file loss is that people move items  into the Trash bin and then delete them. There is no way to retrieve after this point, except to use a file recovery program such as uMacsoft.

uMacsoft is a simple way to recover the files you need. You can begin by choosing your recovery method. You then select your location, such as Mac hard drive, or external drive, and then you can preview and recover your lost files.

There are many more types of devices, computers, and brands where you may need to recover your files. Even if you don’t see yours on this list, it can still be beneficial to try Wondershare to recover these types of files. You’ll be so happy when you find your missing files that you’ll wonder why you didn’t download uMacsoft sooner!

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