Preventing Data Loss Through Mischief

There may be dozens of reasons why you’d need to buy a Mac data recovery program to restore lost files on your Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or iMac. Often software may have a glitch, leaving you shaking your head as to why the version in your folder isn’t the latest version you recalled working on. Perhaps you accidentally dragged the wrong file into the trashcan and then emptied it, or you thought you were done with a file, but then a client asks for a revision . And many times, there can be data loss through mischief.

No, there aren’t little gremlins hidden in your computer, deleting your files, but often, it’s caused by human mischief. Sometimes, the mischief isn’t even intentional.

You may have your kids working on your computer, or perhaps your husband thought you were done with the monthly budget. Before you know it, the trash can has been emptied, and those files are gone.

Sometimes pranksters at school or work may think it’s hilarious when your files mysteriously vanish. But it’s not so funny when you have to spend hours recreating your work.

There are a few different ways you can prevent data loss, and a one way to save the day, if it does happen.

One of the best ways to prevent data loss is to lock up your computer when you step away from it. This is as simple as clicking on the Apple menu at the top left of the screen, then moving your cursor down to the bottom to “Log Out ___ ___”. Your name will appear in the blanks. This doesn’t shut down your computer—that is simply one more step. So, if someone else is passing by your computer, and they need to stop and use it, they will actually have to log in under their own name. This keeps your computer files safe.

If you’re working from home, and different family members use the computer, you can create a new user profile for each member of the family. When one person is done with the computer, they can log off. This prevents the kids from accidentally erasing Dad’s big Powerpoint presentation for Monday, or Mom’s computer programming for the new venture at work.

Sometimes your Mac may be locked up, but it may go missing. Sadly, even the best Mac data recovery software isn’t going to help you in this instance. That’s where backing up to the iCloud drive can be so important. You can also back up to flash drive, or an external hard drive. Many business professionals back up to as many locations as they can get their hands on.

It takes only one data loss to learn that purchasing a good Mac data recovery program such as uFlysoft can turn a disaster into relief.

Recovering data may take time, but at least you won’t have to write your report, or plunk in all those numbers to your spreadsheet again. A Mac data recovery program can prevent the unthinkable from happening—And make you happy and confident about your new project.

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