The Best Why to Recover Lost Photos on any Mac

Pictures are great for preserving memories and enjoying life in general. Of course, as we all take more and more pictures nowadays we get a little loosey-goosey with which ones we keep and which ones we toss. Every now and then you let a picture go only to realize you kind of liked it. Or your computer or phone has a technological hiccup and dumps the file before you can save or back it up. Well, you’ll be glad to know that those photos needn’t be lost forever! There is actually a fairly simple process to retrieving images on a Mac computer or i phone.

1.) Leave Affected Drives Alone

Once you’ve deleted an image file and realized you made a mistake, try not to use the affected drive. This means no opening, saving or altering of other files. The reason for this precaution is that where your file once was there is now an empty space that your computer will fill with new information. Once this happens recovery becomes substantially more difficult. It’s still not impossible to find what you need after this point, but it’s pretty easily avoidable so don’t take this step lightly. Before you do anything else, stop using the affected disc.

2.) Recovery Apps for Macs

There are many recovery applications for Macs and Mac products. A lot of them function similarly and are free. The best way to pick the app that’s best for you is to research apps online and choose what sounds easiest and more effective. When in doubt, pick the first option Google sends your way.

uFlysoft Data Recovery is a very simple and effective choice that costs $100. DataRecovery is another user-friend app that’s worth checking out. Download the software by following the installer’s steps

3.) Running the Application

If you know where your deleted file is you can cherry pick it out of the heap, but if you’re not sure, run a scan with the recovery program. Be forewarned, this may take awhile!

4.) Searching and Previewing

After searching, you’ll see a list of all the recovered files. The file names will probably be destroyed which means you’ll be unable to search according to the name you provided. When files are deleted the data will remain in a “free” space that the computer may overwrite; however, all of the descriptive data will be lost.

5.) Recovery

After scanning, searching, and previewing you will hopefully find what you were looking for. The final step is to ask the app to recover the file you want. You’re not quite done at this point. To make sure you don’t lose the file in the future, save it to an external hard drive or digital archive space. Even sending an email to yourself will work in a pinch.

Once you back up the file, you’re done! Now get back to snapping those photos and savoring those fond memories.

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