Tips for You When You Are Using iTunes

This is not a complete guide to iTunes, just a curated collection of useful features you might not have seen before.

Consolidate Files

If you import a lot of music you need to understand the “Consolidate Files” command (File>Library>Organize Files). When you import media it’s possible the physical file may not be put inside the iTunes Media folder. Consolidate Files identifies such media and copies it into the iTunes Folder. You can ensure this always happens by unchecking the “Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library” box in the Advanced tab of iTunes preferences.

Tiny player

tips-for-using-itunes-1Go to iTunes View options and select Mini Player. iTunes now becomes a small widget you can leave in a convenient space on your display.

Click the album art to expand the window for better track control and Genius features

Click the three-lined icon to see what’s next on your playlist.

In expanded view you can search for tracks, set up new tracks in lists. Enable AirPlay speakers and more.

Gift card redemption

When you receive an iTunes gift card you can redeem it using your camera. Clock iTunes Store on the top-right of the iTunes Window, select Redeem, choose “Redeem with Camera” and hold the card up to the camera to redeem.

Better quality

If your computer has an optical drive you may still rip CDs into your iTunes collection. When you do it makes sense to save these in a higher bitrate for better music playback quality. To do this, open iTunes Preferences. In theGeneral tab choose Import Settings and you can choose higher quality rips in AAC, AIFF, WAV, MP3 and Apple Lossless formats. If you want to join tracks (classical music, for example) you can do this when importing a CD by choosing the tracks and selecting “Join CD tracks” from the CD drop-down menu.

Make a ringtone

tips-for-using-itunes-2Any song in your music library can become a ringtone. Select the song you want to make a ringtone out of and click “Get Info”. Now navigate to theOptions tab and check the Start Time and Stop Time boxes and enter in the beginning and end of the 30-second song clip you wish to make a ringtone out of. Press OK. Now right click the song to “Create AAC version” to create a new track consisting of the 30-second clip. Right-click the new version and choose “Show in Finder” – then follow these instructions to turn the track into a ringtone. You must also undo the changes you made to your original track.

Duplicate control

Most iTunes users build up their collection of duplicate tracks over time. Clicking View>Show Duplicate Items will show you all the duplicates in your library. When deleting these be certain duplicates are of the same length and from the same album if you like to keep a collection of live and studio albums some of which contain identical tracks. It may be quicker to use apps such asSong Sergeant to achieve this.

Equalize this

If you like to adjust your virtual equalizer settings in iTunes you currently need to select the track and choose Equalizer in the Window menu (or pressOption-Command-2). You can make this easier by going to View>View Options and check Equalizer. Now your EQ options will appear with your tracks with a menu that lets you change the setting.

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