What SWF Video Converter for Mac Can Do for You

Not all video files are created equal. Some file formats, for example, the SWF video, require specific apps to play them, and some are made only for certain devices. Playing that red-hot music video you just purchased on your cell phone or iPod might be a lot more complicated than you thought. This is where Mac SWF video converters come in to save the day. With one software application, you can easily convert video for Mac OS between dozens of file formats, so you can view your videos on virtually any device with virtually any media player software.

The newest Mac video conversion software often includes image and audio conversion as well, creating an all-in-one media converting application. The best software even gives you the freedom to clip, split, merge or edit your video files as needed.

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Mac SWF Video Converter Software: What to Look For

Mac users have special issues they have to take into consideration when choosing a Mac video converter application. Many video file formats aren’t compatible with Apple applications or products, so converting to the right format is vital. During our review process, we found several key features you’ll want to look for when selecting your own Mac video converter.


All Mac video converter applications should come with a few basic features, like the ability to batch convert multiple files at once and to convert one file to multiple formats in one batch. Other features, like a bitrate calculator, video preview, audio or image extraction, and conversion profiles also come in handy. Being able to export your converted files directly to your device, like an iPod or cell phone, is a convenient tool as well.

The very best Mac video converter applications include video editing features, which may range from basic to more advanced. Basic editing features you should look for include the ability to clip or trim video length and to determine output parameters like bitrate. If you want more advanced editing tools, look for the ability to split and merge files, crop or rotate the video image, adjust the video image quality or add a watermark or soundtrack.

Supported Video Formats

A Mac video converter isn’t worth its weight if you can’t convert between all common video file formats. There are scores of formats out there, but the most common ones (like those developed by Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, QuickTime and MPEG) are absolutely vital to the best video converter for Mac. Increasingly important is the ability to convert high-definition file formats, as HD technology becomes more and more pervasive.

Other Supported Formats

A bonus feature in newer applications is the ability to convert other types of media files. Audio conversion can be found in almost every Mac video converter we reviewed, though some applications offer more format compatibilities than others. Image file conversion is a bonus; some software applications we reviewed offer it, while others are only able to save screenshots from your video as an image file.

Ease of Use

Most people are not fully versed in the complexities of video compression, storage and conversion, so your Mac video converter should be very easy to use. Difficult software navigation and a non-intuitive user interface are certainly deal-breakers for this type of software.

Help & Support

If you do run into difficulties while using your Mac video converter, there should be a solid support system to help you out. A user manual and online FAQs, tutorials or message boards all make great resources, but a reliable method of contacting the developer is also vital.

Find a Mac video converter with all these features, and you’ll have an application that will certainly meet all your expectations. If you also need the info of Mac lost file rescue you can read more articles on our site.

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